Viscosity/viscoelasticity measurment
device (Rheometer)

Evaluation of material properties by measuring the viscosity of catalyst inks and materials


Viscosity evaluation of the compounded catalyst ink




• Support measurement under various conditions
(viscosity measurement, dynamic viscoelasticity measurement, etc.)
• Support measurement over a wide range of shear rate and temperature
• Support measurement with a small sample volume (1 to 2 mL)


HAAKE MARS 60 Rheometer
(Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
Cone & Plate Type

Torque range (rotation) :10 n ~ 200 m [Nm]
Rotation speed range:10-7 ~ 4500 [rpm]
Frequency range:10-6 ~ 100 [Hz]
Operating temperature range :-150 ~ 600 [°C]

Case Study

Index for quality evaluation of compounded catalyst ink and determination of catalyst ink compsition ratio

• Perform quality evaluation (checking the replicability) by comparing with catalyst ink compounded
with the same material and conditions
• Used as an index to determine the ink mixing ratio(solid rate etc.) so that the catalyst ink has
a viscosity range suitable for each coating method