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Toward the realization of the hydrogen economy, it is highly expected that the application of fuel cells will be expanded in utilization of hydrogen.
There is however no technology-intensive public organization specializing in fuel cell technology in Japan at present,and thus it is concerned that Japan will fall behind in terms of communication with other countries and the accumulation of technical information.
Engineering Research Association FC-Cubic participates in the NEDO project as an organization, which was mainly established by Japanese companies and specializing in the development of basic fuel cell technology, and is strongly required to respond to the above expectations more developmentally.
To address the expectations, we recruit leaders and researchers so that FC-Cubic will function as a core institution in Japan for fuel cells and their underlying electrochemical technologies.

  • R&D planning and management of fuel cell technology development

  • Researchers evaluating and analyzing fuel cells

AIST Tokyo Waterfront (Main Building) 2nd floor
2-3-26 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
(until March 31, 2023)

Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center
2094 Otsumachi, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0055

※January 2023 ~ Worked at Komekurayama New Building, Yamanashi Prefecture

A few of R&D planners, R&D managers, and R&D staffs

As soon as possible the hiring decision is made

Research capability equivalent to that of a doctor in the fields of electrochemistry, chemical engineering, catalyst science and engineering of, etc. or experience in R&D of materials or evaluation and analysis technologies related to fuel cell at universities or companies.

Hired as a full-time employee


R&D planners, R&D managers: Representative
R&D staff: Researcher


Consult separately including where to choose annual salary or monthly salary

Working hours

9:30-18:00(lunch break12:15-13:15)

Work system

discretionary or flextime

of employment

Period of employment: until March 31th, 2024
(It is possible to extend the period.)

Trial period

Trial period: three months


Sunday, Saturday, national holidays, New Year holidays, and summer holidays


Social insurance

Pursuant to the provisions of the Employees’ Pension Insurance Act., the Health Insurance Act., the Employment Insurance Act., the Long-Term Care Insurance Act., and the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act.

Various systems

pay raises, bonuses (but only for monthly salary), transportation expenses, no retirement allowance, no retirement age

There are measures.

From July 15th, 2022 to March 31st, 2023
We will close the recruitment as soon as we decide to hire the right person.

Documents to be submitted: Resume, outline of duties and research
(up to 2 sheets for A4)
How to submit: E-mail or mail to Business Promotion Department (below)

Selection process: Screening of documents and interviews
Recruitment offer notice: Notify as soon as a hiring decision is made

AIST Tokyo Waterfront (Main Building) 2nd floor
2-3-26 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Engineering Research Association FC-Cubic
General Manager, Business Promotion Department
Akira Aoki
E-mail:  TEL: 03-3599-2357

※We will not return the submitted documents.
※The submitted documents will never be used except for the selection of this application.